The Vamos Story

Coming from a family with over 40 years of experience in México’s food industry, our founder Alan has always been passionate about sharing his country’s diverse foods and ingredients with others. That is why he created Vamos Foods – a company dedicated to delivering Mexican flavors in the form of nutritious snacks crafted in his native México. ¡Vamos!

How We Started

When I moved to the States from my native México, I never had to look too far for flavors that reminded me of home. After all, America loves Mexican food, and whatever I needed to satisfy my cravings was most likely at the local grocery store. Or at least, so I thought.

Today’s protein bar market is saturated with chocolate or peanut butter variations, but nothing that resembled the Mexican foods I grew up with. That’s why I sought to revolutionize the protein bar and swap out the usual flavors in today’s market with ingredients that taste more like home. We are Vamos, the first Mexican-inspired protein bar.

-Alan Spindel Olvera

Founder Vamos Foods

Our Mission

At Vamos Foods, we aim to create the country’s largest Latine-inspired food community by offering diverse, healthy, and authentic Mexican products. Not only are we crafting tasty snacks, but we’re working towards reshaping our culture’s image on this side of the frontera.

So much of the Mexican food consumed in the United States swings towards the indulgent side, rather than highlighting nutritious ingredients that are equally delicious. It’s true – Mexican food can be healthy, and we’re here to spread the message. 

We’re kicking off this mission with our plant-based protein bars to provide consumers a convenient, portable, and delicious sample of México’s flavors. But our barritas are just the beginning.