We got a new name!

We got a new name!

Happy 2022! We are excited to share an update about our company!

At our core, we are passionate about sharing Mexican culture and showcasing the diversity of Mexican flavors. We believe the name Leap Snacks didn’t really showcase this in any way. If someone were to walk in a grocery and see our product or see an ad with our former logo, they wouldn’t identify Leap as a Latino company. Maybe our unique flavors would hint the consumer, but it didn’t really showcase our Mexican roots.

To be honest it was hard to change Leap as the name of the company. The name Leap has been around for almost two years since the beginning of this journey. It’s an understatement to say that I had a strong emotional attachment to the name, but we knew we needed to find a Spanish word for our company name. After weeks of brainstorming, we finally found our new name – Vamos Foods!

Vamos means ‘Let’s Go’, and like many Spanish words, it can have more than one meaning. You can use it to tell people to go with you somewhere (Vamos a la playa) or you can shout it out loud when your sports team scores a goal (Vamos!). Vamos is a crucial word for Mexicans, Latinos and Mexican Americans. It’s a word us Spanish speakers use every single day. Vamos will be able to do what Leap would have never been able to do, show in three seconds what we’re all about. We’re about Mexican heritage and changing the way Mexican food should look and taste like. Not only does Vamos add authenticity to our product with our core Latino community, but it’s also a word that many Americans that don’t speak Spanish recognize. At the end of the day, we’re about bringing awareness to what Mexican heritage is, and that is not only done in the Latino community, but in all communities.

Vamos Por Más,

Alan Spindel Olvera
Vamos Foods Founder

Vamos Foods Logo

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