Andres Aguilar

Vamos Talks with Andres Aguilar

Andres Aguilar is a student at University of Texas at Austin. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Andres is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in International Relations and Global Studies. Looking back, he often felt there was not enough information geared towards people of color on how to begin your college journey or how to navigate the business world.

I don’t believe information or resources are passed down to Latinos appropriately. When you start the beginning stages of your career, no one is telling you how to negotiate wages or create a presentable resume. I think what really helped me to start building my resume was looking to the community service sector. I’m in Texas and organizations like WAYA (West Austin Youth Association) encouraged me to go out into my community. I was able to build some tangible skills like event planning and outreach. These types of skills have been really helpful for me in the private sector. I feel the best place to start is to look at your own local area, it’s beneficial to your community as well as your personal prospects ”
Entering his junior year, Andres feels he is gaining the foundation to understanding the world around him through his studies. Earlier this year, he was able to land a fellowship opportunity with L’Oreal.

“My degree is beneficial in the sense where I can specialize in business settings that are on a macro level. My L’Oreal fellowship is absolutely exciting and I feel my experience with working with Humanities Texas and other non-profits set me up for success. I’m not too sure on specific future goals but I do want to be the person everyone goes to when it comes to leadership or consulting.
Who knows, I may even remain in the beauty industry just because I feel Latinos and all BIPOC are underrepresented in cosmetics. I want to see an abundance of underrepresented communities to have access to those luxury items, but I feel purchasing power isn’t enough, I want to see more people like me behind the scenes in corporate/leadership roles.” 


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