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The time is now for a good-for-you Latino snack company


The Origin 

In 2019, I moved to Los Angeles from Mexico City to attend business school at UCLA. One of the first things that I did was to check out my local grocery stores to stock my fridge with the food I love. Naturally, I found myself looking for the foods I recognize. While I saw Mexican influence in salsas and beverages, I was unable to find any healthy snacks that represented my culture. Back home in Mexico, finding a quick and healthy snack was simple, but no matter how many stores I visited in LA, I found nothing to satisfy this need. More than ever, young people are looking for healthy products to eat on-the-go, but the generic snacks I found lacked the exciting Mexican flavors that I craved. It became evident to me that there is a huge underrepresentation of Latino flavors in the ‘good-for-you’ movement. There are more than 60 million Latinos in the country, and over the next five years this segment is expected to grow 22%, which is 5 times the expected growth rate of the United States.


Vamos Foods is Born

Latino food, especially Mexican food, is generally portrayed as an indulgent cuisine, with dishes like tacos, tortas, churros, and burritos. These commonly recognized foods are delicious, but they do not give the full view into what Latino cuisine represents. The diversity of ingredients and flavors is what makes Latino food so special and unique. This diversity should be portrayed not only through indulgent food, but through healthy and delicious dishes. Vamos Foods was born to create delicious ‘good-for-you’ snacks to highlight these ingredients and flavors. Our first product will be a plant-based protein bar that will be made in Mexico.


The Future is Latino

Vamos Foods is more than a product, it’s a movement. A movement to showcase a different side of Latino food than what our parents and abuelas are used to.  A movement away from the stereotypes that people have about our foods and culture. A movement to inspire pride for our culture and embrace the dual identities that we juggle as Latinos in the United States. It’s time to change the perception that a Latino brand has to look and taste a certain way, like Cholula or Tapatio. It’s time to offer a platform where the Latino community can connect and start conversations on what it really means to be Latino in the U.S.

My name is Alan Spindel. I am the Founder of Vamos Foods and I cannot wait to connect with you and build a community that embraces Latino flavors and culture. Interested in our mission? Email me at and I would love to chat!


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