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  • Agua de Horchata for the Holidays

    Agua de Horchata for the Holidays

    With the holiday season coming up, Vamos Foods is sharing with you a very easy recipe so you can wow your family.
  • Danielle Duran-Zecca of Amiga Amore

    Vamos Talks with Danielle Duran-Zecca of Amiga Amore

    Vamos Foods sat down with Danielle Duran, Mexican American chef and business owner of Amiga Amore. Danielle found her passion for cooking at an early age. As she gained experience cooking, she developed her own artistic style in the kitchen.
  • Latino Chefs in James Beard

    11 Latino Chefs That Should've Been Nominated For The James Beard Awards

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, El Pollo Loco is beginning a campaign to highlight well-deserving, yet often underrecognized, Latino chefs. Food is a critical component of Latino culture, and Mexican food has become a favorite cuisine within the United...

  • Mexican Food

    The 7 Best Spots in LA to Celebrate the National Hispanic Heritage Month

    Vamos Foods put together some of our team’s favorite local restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Not only are these some of the most authentic Latino establishments in the region, but are also some of the best restaurants in SoCal.
  • Menudo

    More than Tacos: Latin America’s Food Culture

    It is no secret that tacos are most notable in the US and will most likely be the mainstream representation for Latin American cuisine for years to come. However tacos are not the only Latino dish that represent our culture.
  • Amaranth

    5 Ways to Eat Amaranth!

    So why should we care about Amaranth in the US? Well, because it might be one of those ingredients that could change the nutritional landscape of the country.