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6 Latina Artists You Need to Follow

Long ago kids, Instagram was home to #throwbackthursdays, obligatory food pictures and the occasional 'Outfit of the Day' posts. Now it has grown into a mixture of stolen ideas from Snapchat, TikTok, and Depop; and they said innovation was dead. One thing Instagram has always been good is the visualization of aesthetics. Instagram has allowed artists to showcase their art styles to masses of people.
We took a deep dive into 6 incredible women who creatively share their perspectives about being a Latina. If you have any interest in finding out more about Latina artists, look to these boss online influencers:


Instagram: @cruzemilia
Emilia Cruz is a first generation, Mexican-American painter. She is most known for her inclusion in the popular Netflix Series, Gentefied, where her paintings are featured as the work for one of the series’ characters. She’s inspired by self-love, empowerment, and vulnerability.


Instagram: @munisa_ceramica
It all started with pottery classes in Los Angeles where she felt her calling was working with clay. Inspired by her Mexican culture and colors, Munisa Ceramica makes the most unique smoking accessories. Although you must be 21+ to purchase these products, you don't have to be of age to appreciate her art.


Instagram: @_meanmachine
Ruth Mora merges punk, social issues, and bold colors into digital illustrations. Her biggest inspirations come from her favorite movies and bands between the 1950s and 1980s. She has been able to use nostalgic punk inspos to bring awareness to social issues many women and POC experience everyday.


Instagram: @lajuliaaaaa
La Julia is a freelance makeup artist who specializes in editorial, facepaint, and commercial visual art. Initially a Sephora makeup artist, La Julia moved to doing her own makeup at home, and posting it on Instagram, where she really took off. After a year, she was able to build a following surrounding her unique makeup style. Her experimental makeup looks have pushed her to go beyond makeup and create bold visuals.


Instagram: @luvia_lazo
Zapotec photographer, Luvia Lazo aims to portray her life in Oaxaca, a Mexican state known for its indigenous community and culture. Her work is her diary on what makes her feel alive. Lazo is a 'Jovenes Creadores' recipient from FONCA, an organization whose objective is to support the artistic community. Lazo documents generational gaps and the transformation of identities across ages.


Instagram: @monicagreatgal

Based in NY, Monica Hernandez has created a large Instagram following by using the platform as her own art work. Online, she challenges the image of being a woman in society and pushing the female gaze rather than a male one. She uses transparency and vulnerability in her tangible pieces. Using huge canvases, she illustrates menstruation, sex, religion, and other Latino taboos.


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